About Us

Years of research and development activities led to the creation of the Aloevive®Healthy line in 2010 and the Aloevive®Silver line in 2014


At Aloevive® we strive to create the best products using organic and natural ingredients to promote healthy skincare.

Environmental and physical stresses increasingly wear on the skin. Skincare is important to everyone and we have developed a product line using organic aloe vera, which will work for all ages. The oils in the Aloevive™ line are known to work towards targeting signs of stress and improving the overall vibrancy of the skin. The oils have a wide array of functionality including controlling hair fall, keeping hair strong and thick, nourishing the skin with moisture, adding luster to the hair, healing with rashes, keeping the skin firm, lightening dark circles, delaying the first signs of aging, soothing skin, addressing inflammation, treating burns, reducing chafing, balancing skin pH, and maintaining youthful skin with increasing elasticity.